Getting to know Siri and her tricks

First launched with the iPhone 4S, Siri is Apple’s built in “intelligent assistant” that allows Apple product users of newer models to use natural voice commands to operate their devices. She was the ground breaking new technology that Apple had introduced in 2010 and although she was fantastic back then, six years has brought about a lot of changes and she has evolved with time.

Siri - how can I help you with?What is Siri?

For the uninitiated, Siri is Apple’s built in personal assistant that operates with voice commands. Siri stands for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface. The purpose behind it is to make your life easier while interacting with your iPhone seamlessly through speech control. Now you can talk to her like a friend and send messages, book dinner reservations and a lot more. This is an interactive PA that answers your questions, shows you results for your searches and follows your commands – all hands free.

You can carry out simple tasks by just saying ‘Hey Siri’ or double tapping your home button to get her activated instead of going to your menu, browsing through various apps or even spending time writing out your text messages. Siri does all that for you, whether you want to access your Mail, messages, contacts, Internet browsers and more – for all your phone related tasks, she’s your man Friday.

What are Siri’s Basic Functions?

Siri can handle many tasks and reminders for you like given below:

  • She enables Hands free access – Just say ‘Hey Siri’ to get her activated to do any task for you. You don’t have to hold the phone or press any buttons which leaves your hands free to do other tasks.
  • She can set reminders for you – She’s better than your alarm clock because she does more than just that. If you’re looking at a webpage and want to remember the site, you can tell her to “Remind me about this” so that she can pull it up for you at a later date.
  • She has a versatile voice – For models with iOS 9 and up, you can have fun with a change of voice. Choose from a male or female British, American or Australian accent.
  • Use Siri for Sports Updates – She can give you the current info on Major league, Minor league and college team games, results, match timings etc.
  • Use her for Searches – Why type when you get her to search for you? Although the searches are done on Bing you can ask Siri “Search Google for….” To get results on Google.
  • Get her to open Apps for you – This is great when you’re driving or walking. You just have to keep your phone unlocked and she can find the App for you so that all you have to do is select a playlist etc.
  • Get Voice Feedback – Get Siri to read out your messages before sending them off or get her to verbally respond to your requests.
  • Find out store timings – You’re hungry or you want to head out somewhere – Ask Siri for a store’s timings. “How late is (Store Name) open and she will locate the store with posted information and relay reviews, hours of the day, distance from you and map location.
  • Locate photos – It can get tedious trying to find that one great picture you took last week. Having to thumb through your entire list can take time. Get Siri to locate it or you by asking her “Show me photos from last week (or any other time frame)”
  • Teach Siri how to pronounce – Not every name is easy to pronounce and like any app, she will butcher the name. Tell her to learn how to pronounce the contact name and after you pronounce it once, she will store it in her memory.
  • Control Music – She can play songs from a specific artist or from a specific station.Siri from London to Birmingham

She can do all this and more and she keeps evolving with time. She can keep time, reminders for flights, find deals, calculate tips, check calories in certain foods, post to Social Media, transcribe speech-to-text and more. Phew!

However there are some really hilarious functions that Siri does too! She can come back with jokes, witty replies to ridiculous questions like “Will you Marry Me?”, and “Do you have a boyfriend ”or“ When Will the World end To which she replies, “As long as you keep me charged, we should be just fine.”

Of course, having your own virtual intelligent assistant means there will be mistakes. If she does not interpret your speech correctly, you don’t have to jab the home button feeling frustrated, just use your keypad to correct Siri with the ‘Tap to Edit’ feature. This will help Siri to reply with a correct interpretation and allow her to provide suitable results for you.

Siri helps you get from place to place with her navigational feature which guides you through routes, exits and turns. Instead of diverting your attention from the road to get directions to a destination, Siri can help you locate your point of interest and give you turn-by-turn directions which are absolutely hands free. She will navigate you after you command her to activate the route so that you can keep your eyes on the road where it belongs.

If you’re a sports fan, you don’t want to browse through multiple sites trying to find the score for your favorite team’s match. She will locate the score – tell you the time the match will be on, and much more. So you need never be worried about being in the dark with all your sports related information, because she will be your sports fan along with you.

All in all, Siri has come a long way since her launch with Apple products and she continues to astonish us with her evolving technology, making her the perfect assistant who will never take a break from whatever you want her to do. She’s your personal assistant on call, 24/7.